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Food and Lodging at Jules of the Karoo


Julian Theron’s wife, Maritsan designed a spectacular lodge that is truly a work of art. It was constructed with bricks made right on the farm. It is a fully catered lodge with 10 en suite rooms, lounge, dining room, a beautiful well equipped kitchen, swimming pool and entertainment area.


At Jules of the Karoo we serve traditional South African food. A delicious way to experience the Rainbow Nation is through its food. Contributions from the cultures that created South Africa make our modern cuisine one of the most exciting in Africa.The braai is equivalent to the barbecue.

It dates back from the trekking days, and is undoubtedly our favourite and trademark whether it be cooked on the braai inside the lodge or the braai outside. We could easily be offering biltong (jerky) and dry wors as a starter while waiting for the sosaties (kebabs), boerewors, steak or ribs to braai.

Pap (a traditional porridge for Black people) and/or vetkoek (deep fried dough balls) are often served with the main dish. Boerewors is not always made of spiced minced beef or pork meat – it can also be made of ostrich and game. Karoo lamb is the best you will get in the world.

Fresh game is served as well, consisting mostly of springbok, gemsbok and blackwildebeest, (but impala and kudu are available). Ostrich and Springbok is a guilt-free red meat, that is low in cholesterol.
Chicken and fish are served as well as fresh fruit and a variety of salads and vegetables.