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More About Us at Jules of the Karoo

Jules of the Karoo is a family operated business situated in the Great Karoo. The farm has been in the family for 5 generations. Julian, along with the help of Martisan (his wife), and the mighty Hand above have created an extraordinary safari company for local and foreign hunters on over 300,000 acres.

Julian’s passion for wildlife and his knowledge of the Karoo plains game have made him an outstanding guide. But more importantly, his characteristics and beliefs; to be fair, to be trusted, to always be honest and to put his fellow man first, has made him a unique outfitter and friend to all who have hunted with him.

Martisan has been the driving force behind Julian and their children’s lives as well as the business. She is a gracious hostess and is responsible for the management of the guests, the lodge, bookings and the processing of the game.

Izak, the eldest son, has been helping as Professional Hunter for the past 4 years. He grew up on the ranch, hunting with his Dad on every possible occasion and is now a valuable asset and integral part of Jules of the Karoo Safaris.

Julian and Martisan also have two younger children, Jozua and Lize-Mari, who are still studying in school.

Come experience their Karoo hospitality and enjoy the hunt of a lifetime!